Hi I’m Simharana Sharva and I know that I have come into this world with a clear purpose and mission:

• To Help 500 of Entrepreneurs & Small Business get online in the next 3 years

• To Give Back to the World by helping people realize their true potential and power as an individual, in areas of patriotism, spirituality and personal development.

If you feel what you’re reading deeply resonates with who you are… continuing reading, as I will share my life story.

My Early Life

Born to the most wonderful and loving parents, I was totally drawn towards observation & analysis. It seems I take anything in my hand, say anything; I’d not have it left till I know what that is… at least that what my aunt still says. I used to be quite an introvert kid, who loved reading, music and was always quite. Can never remember a time I would have done any mischief.

Going to school was fun, as I used to get into many extracurricular activities… and way too much ‘bunking classes’ in the name of all these extracurricular activities. And yes, you might have guessed it… “It did affect my academic side of things”… I knew I was smart… But I just didn’t have the inclination to sit through boring classrooms, and that did show in my average scores right through. In all the things that I passionately put myself into… I did shine. I always did what I liked, and liked what I did.

College Life

The first turning point of my life was when I Dropped out my Diploma course. It is supposed to be the most important stage in one’s career… and yes, I screwed it up! But looking back… that was the greatest boon I would have ever received in Life. Here’s why… Instead of taking up the conventional education stream… BE or BS, BSc. etc, I’d to take up a job as a Service Technician, at age of little less than 18. I then realized that, if everybody would just do what they like… what their true passions are… SUCCESS IS INEVITABLE! I was in my flow… and that really helped me grow.

2 years later I’d cleared my 12th.

Work Life

My first job at a Eureka Forbes Service Team was unforgettable… Work was like to learn things. It Started by Helping Senior Technician & Engineers in servicing of water purifiers, & helping the Management Team by looking after Stocks, attending small “HAPPY CALLS”   also delivering spares. It was a wonderful experience, and my Boss was exceptionally a good person & a great teacher of both business & Life. I did that for 2 years (with little issues together)… until… I got a call from my next GURU. A very reputed Stock Market Trading & Training Firm wanted me to come in and work for them in areas of Customer Support & IT/SMM. That was my next stage of evolution… Here I got myself into many other organizations helping me in my evolution. I learnt my next level in Social Media & Online presence with the help & support of my present BOSS or to be frank my GURU, who guided & supported me in every possible aspect.

The Entrepreneur Unleashed

I had read, back in 2004, in Robert Kiyosaki’s ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ that Financial Freedom and Time Freedom is only there in the hands of the Business Owner/Investor and NOT possible by being an Employee or a Self-Employed person. And that’s not where I wanted to be for the rest of my life.

The first thing that I did was, setting up my own blog. I got to know the importance of my ONLINE PRESENCE for my new ventur, The Internet Income. Initially, I used Online Marketing tools such as SFI and Social Media to promote myself and saw little success. I then started realizing the potential that Internet had to promote & demote an online marketer… and how this could actually help me achieve my goals, leveraging technology.

The Greatest Gifts: Internet Marketing + Social Media Marketing + Network Marketing

I always knew about the power of Network Marketing, but was really skeptical about it initially. Having seen many people fail at it, and some even losing relationships, I wasn’t too sure if this was the right thing I should be doing… until I came in touch with some amazing people and a company which pioneered in internet communication technology services (no physical or health products) or any door-to-door selling.

I finally knew that I was getting back into my ‘in-the-flow’ zone; meeting new people, developing a positive mindset and learning things which were in the most cutting-edge of technology, which really brought out the best in me. My wife and I attended some life-changing trainings month-after-month; which completely changed our outlook on this industry. Today, we simply love it…

We are currently helping hundreds of people combine the power of Network Marketing, Online Marketing and Social Media Marketing, and helping them realize their own potential in achieving their dreams and financial goals. This is such a fulfilling business when you start doing it the right way…


Personal Development

I’m a life-long student of Personal Development and Spiritual Sciences, and a very favorite quote of mine is: “Success Not Something that thee pursue…It’s something That Thou Must Attract. By Being an Attractive Person (from within)”

So having said that, I have been practicing meditation and yoga, which really puts me closer in touch with my Creator every single day of my life, which has helped me attract all the success that I have achieved till today. I’ve also been with Leaders Academy of Celebrated V.Balakrishnan sir applying his thoughts in my personal as well as business life, seeing great results; and teaching the same to family, friends and business partners.

Looking Forward

I know I’m here to help you create wealth by doing what you love, by following your true calling and purpose in life, and in turn give back to the world, through these gifts of your talents and abilities.

I really look forward to knowing more about you. Let’s be in touch, add me as a friend on FB, and on twitter and make sure you give your details on the top-right, to stay in tune with all that I’m doing online and offline..

And let’s make it happen together! Thanks for spending the time in getting to know me better today, just as I’m eager to know you better too.

Wishing you success,
Simharana Sharva

Hey!!! You can connect with me on my FB page or other social media.


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