Unlike my previous blog “Going behind Kshanashah kanashashchaiva”, this, particularly is the media where I am little bit uncomfortable, or rather I could say unagreeable with the “TRADITIONAL” view of point.


Yesterday I met one of my old mentors, who is the HOD (Dept. of PHYSICS) in a reputed institute & also he preparing his research thesis. Casually we were jumping from topic to topic, & at a particular point, I said him I’m into blogging, using it as a platform where, I could share my Ideologies in its full along with addressing it to targeted audience (here it’s you buddy) & also its user friendly. He simply disagreed with me saying blogs are meant for so-called INTELLECTUALS & not for students (his targeted audience are students – particularly high school students interested in physic / general science) & also not as user friendly as it seems.

I tried to explain the fundamentals of blogging (search engine optimization of blogging, even though could not make that up.


Only then I felt the necessity of studying the subject in depth.


After that what I found was actually drastic!!!

Only people who are interested in particular topics or people who could encash their blogs as their ATMs had their own blogs or they were just posting on somebody else’s blogs.

What the main rejection point on blogs are:

1.      Blogs are not easily available on search engine.

2.      Blogs are meant for INTELLECTUALS.

3.      Blogs are not the RIGHT way for INTERNET INCOME.

And so on.

But, in my 4 years of research & after attending seminars on SMM, the first thing I understood was –

·         Blogs are the RIGHT way to EARN ONLINE, suppose, if utilized in the RIGHT MANNER.

·         Blogs give way for RIGHT Targeted Audience, increasing the no. of visitors to your blogs, websites, affiliate p[ages etc,. In other words, blogs one of the most POWERFULL FREE-OF-COST TOOL to ENHANCE your WEBSITE TRAFFIC, which in turn, you may convert them as your permanent paid customers.

·         Blog is one of the premium media where you could  ESTABLISH  your BUSINESS. Moreover it’s a place where you can BRAND YOURSELF along with your PRODUCTS / BUSINESS.

·         It’s just another way to speak to your customers directly. You cannot just load your website with all your fundas, which may overload & also cause in decreasing traffic of your website. Sometimes there are extra’s that need to be said or further, more in-depth information needs to be given. Blogs are a great way to speak to clients and customers and give them information beyond what is posted on your business website.

·         It can always be considered as a parallel/additional support for your business.

·         The last, but, definitely not the least, you can CREATE your OWN GROUP of FOLLOWERS, who are REALLY INTERESTED & have a GREAT POTENTIAL of a PROSPECTIVE CUSTOMER.



In today’s age of technology & social media, no single platform is useless. Even YOUTUBE has its own significance as a powerful search engine tool for videos these days. So never neglect any platform while preparing your social media strategy, whether it’s for an established Business or for Affiliate Marketing purposes. Let me know if you get something really exciting info on the topic.

Research on each platform’s utility for your purposes. Onlky then you could prepare a powerful Social media strategy.

For earning online, as always LOCK YOUR HANDS WITH ME!!!


Happy Earnings!!!

Simharana Sharva

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Hi everyone!!!


Today, I’m trying to tell you about most important info, which, when we were in high schools learnt by-heart just to pass our exams…

Heard of below saying? I’m sure all the First Lang Sanskrit students have heard this-

Kshanashah kanashashchaiva vidyaamartham cha saadhayet

Kshana tyaage kutoh vidyaa kana tyaage kutah dhanam


It says–“There is no limit to knowledge. If one is willing to further his quest for knowledge, he has to work constantly towards achieving that goal. Every moment lost, is equivalent to vidyaa (knowledge) lost. The message is for a vidyaarthi (one yearning for vidyaa, literally) – he has to strive continuously and have his focus set on achieving more each day, each hour, each moment.

If one is willing to reap more, then he has to value every grain that he has grown. One can’t be negligent and scatter his harvest around. The call here is not to be stingy, but to be mindful of the value of the grain and also the hard work that went into growing it. Only then, can one be prosperous.

Just as every drop of water makes the mighty ocean, every moment of learning adds to one’s knowledge and every ounce of grain assists in making one prosperous.

Hey!!! What are you thinking?

Am I taking Sanskrit Class for you?

No friend, definitely not.

Yesterday night just after my classes, as I was coming back to my home, I just got to see a new glimpse of the above proverb’s meaning. I’m sharing this just for you to know what exactly we could utilize to enhance our earnings!!!

My new philosophy on the above old proverb says – develop a quest of knowledge, learn something new & convert the new thing learnt into your regulated earnings!!!

I mean let us formulate something like:

Kshana *Kana = Vidya+Artha

Let us take over here something like –

Kshana: Time we are wasting

Kana: Resources we are wasting

Vidyaa: The marvelous science (or we can even call this as an art, but we should only get that this is the knowledge) of making our money earn for us.

Artha: Of course, our Money

Some way over here, we could definitely define the good old proverb as:

We have marvelous Knowledge & some marvelous Resources too.

What all we are supposed to do is, utilize our TIME in order to learn gain a wonderful KNOWLEDGE using our RESOURCES to encash them into MONEY.



There is nothing new under the Sun!!!

We need to do it in a different way to enjoy our work, our knowledge & of course, our earnings!!!

So wanna get something more exciting like this?


Then, LOCK YOUR HANDS WITH ME. Let us encash this marvelous knowledge to MONEY OUR POCKETS!!!

Happy Earnings!!!

Simharana Sharva

Hi Friends,

Back for you all.

As I’d said, this series of my blagalogies would be on Internet Income what I wish to tell you & want you people to do is…..

Forget all the bla-blas you’re trying till now.

Just follow what I’m giving.

And do you think I’m gonna give you some pieces of shit collected from net?


Definitely not.

I know you’d have already tried up all the bullshits and ended up saying

 “Internet Income is no my piece of bread

But, I wanna show you actually what is the way to earn during time you are online.

And yes!!! I’m not gonna give you some cut & paste piece of things. I’m gonna give you things, which you’ve tried to do, but probably not in the RIGHT WAY.

Yes. Then what is the ACTUAL RIGHT WAY???

I’ll show you what.

 Be waiting for my next BLAGS!!!

By all means a Happy Internet Earnings!!!


Simharana Sharva


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Let me first ask you a few questions:

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·         Did you take an educational loan that’s really big?

·         Are you confused about how you are going to be able to repay that big debt?

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