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FROM: Simharana Sharva (Blogger & Online Marketer)
DATE: July 8, 2013, India

Dear Frustrated Income Seeker

I Know you’ll always be forced to think, that all my below blogs are extraordinary, but it isn’t…

This is my reality…

Give me a few minutes of your time and I’ll show you exactly how you can replicate my results for yourself.

But before I do…

Tear yourself away from your emails… exit that forum… hit the ‘x’ on your Facebook window.

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If you’re struggling to make money on the internet…

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I can tell you in one sentence how to make a lot of money online…

Find out what people desperately want and give it to them!

That’s it.  End of story.

And If you really are struggling online you should understand something…

…It’s NOT Your Fault!

You’ve done absolutely nothing wrong…

You see, all along you’ve been misled, hidden in the corner and kicked to the curb by those GREEDY Gurus looking to polish their bottom line in any way they possibly can.

To them, YOU are just another notch on their subscriber list

Just another digit that allows them to wake up any time they desire and live the life that most people could only dream of.

They try fooling you with their scarcity tactics and Push button riches, yet REALIZING that you’re destined for FAILURE

“They don’t want YOU to SUCCEED…”

No One…

You see… They FULLY realized if they kept you shut in the Dark, blind folded from the TRUTH and VICTIM to their ENDLESS lies…

They could hang around long enough to VIRTUALLY pick pocket every hard earned cent that you have in your pocket.

The ONLY thing from keeping their wallets empty

..Is Your Money…

Money that you worked for.

Countless hours that you slaved away for


To line their expensive wallets in return for a Pipe dream that NEVER probes it’s head into Reality…

And I’m Damn Right Angry

“…It’s Got To Make You Mad As Hell…”

The “holy grail” of automatic money has been piked by thousands of shady marketers ever since the internet was born. Every single one of them promising “push button” riches.

Methods on how you can grow your subscribers using “Secrets from the Gods”…

You must be tired of hearing their FALSE claims.

Sick of their Over-Hyped launches.

Claims of how you can make $20,000 per month with a one click MAGIC button.

FOR ONCE, It would be NICE if a product ACTUALLY lived up to it’s claim.

A product that was head and shoulders above the rest and ACTUALLY showed you how to make realistic income from the comfort of your home..

A system that showed you how to build a targeted list that would allow you to finally quit your day job.

…This simply is something they are not prepared to do.

So why is it that they can’t just provide you with the keys to making a solid income online?


They want you to keep Buying Their Products, keep believing that they do actually have a system that will flood your business with an insane amount of traffic and sales.

Without a system in place, we’re nothing more than sheep following product pushers down the same road, again and again. A road we see far too often.. Failure.

“…Until Now”

You see, I was distraught at the idea of failure…

So I set out on a journey to develop my own system.

A system that really worked. I made a promise to myself right then and there, that when I cracked the code to making job crushing income online I would help those who were in the same situation I was in.

The Ultimate karate kicks in the face to all those Greedy Gurus

I don’t break my promises. So In the next few minutes…

I’m going to literally hand you the keys to my income boosting secret “Automated Profit Machine”, which is the result of myself and many others now living the internet laptop lifestyle, cashing in $690 In Only One Day and never having to worry about owning an alarm clock ever again!

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This is brand spanking NEW and incredibly profitable … Anyone can do this, in fact you’ll be amazed how easy it all is …

So… What Am I Doing, Exactly?

What Kinds of Products Am I Selling?

Who Am I – And What’s My Story?

(And Why the HELL Didn’t I Start Doing This Earlier?!!)

I’ll start off with the last question first: I have no idea why it took me so long to finally take action on creating a sizeable, consistent (and ever-growing) “hands-off” income online. Maybe it was because I didn’t realize how easy and methodical it really was.

(So don’t make the same mistake…)

Who am I & Why Should YOU Care?”

My name is Sharva, and my story goes something like this…

I’m 20, from India and I’ve been in web business for about 1.5 years.

Life wasn’t always this great for me…

When I was 16, I was in college and desperate to make money to afford my tuition fees, so I had to quit my studies & work. Being Minor I was left off Work for 2 yrs Later, I started with A small service team with a monthly salary of INR 4500/-

Long story cut short – the living standards sucked and I was growing tired of the lack of waiting for salaries all month long while making about as much money as the average 14-year-old guy at a fast-food restaurant.

So I decided to try and do something that would create passive income – something that would support my ideal lifestyle of worldwide travel, surfing, doing researches – and the honor of being in a position to be generous to others in need.

My “lightbulb moment” idea was, of course, selling online – making money automatically by selling products people absolutely love, enjoying the free hoards of traffic that you can get online.

“So I Decided To Hop On The Net..!”

Guess what happened?

Yep, you’ve probably guessed correctly!

As embarrassing as it is to admit, I FAILED miserably…

For year & half I read ebook after ebook, watched video after video, went from product to product, I was the Gurus ideal customer and in all this time I had only made a less than $10 bucks to my name from this “internet business”

“…They Were Bleeding Me For Every Penny I Had!”

This wasn’t the Internet Lifestyle I had dreamt of.

But I Never Gave Up…

Just a little over a month or so, I was in pretty much the same boat you may be in right now: I was working an insane amount of hours;

  • Frustrated because I had put in lots of money and had received nothing back in return for my efforts.
  • Depressed because I went through friend after friend who became fed up with my crazy deranged obsession of cracking the code.
  • Hopeless as I spent my days dreaming about quitting my job, and earning the kind of money that would allow me to start enjoying my life…

Something inside me knew that I was going to crack this…

Every day on forums I would read about absolute newbies going from $0 to $3000 in 90 days with their online business. These were people just like me…

I realized, if I could figure out what was making them all this money I could replicate their success.

“I Set Out On A Mission To Crack The

 Code To Make Real Money Online

And What I Found May Shock You!!!”

I think I stopped breathing for a minute! I felt a rush of adrenaline. You’ll guess much like striking gold.

After all the time and effort I spent on products…

The fact of the matter is the Gurus leave out the most important piece of the puzzle to making money.

If you’re not doing this right now, chances are you’re losing money and you will continue to lose money if you don’t do this.

With every guru who has ever made money online there are always six magic words attached to their secret and that is…

“The Money Is In The List”

A trend started to flash before my eyes.

You see this wasn’t new to me, I had been reading and hearing about this over the years that I was online, but it just never registered with me that I should build a list.

Until that moment

It was like a wakeup call.. After countless years of struggling, things just “clicked”…

You see I began to realize how these gurus could afford their pleasant lifestyle.

Every big guru has one thing in common

Every big product launch has One big thing in common…

Every person making money online (in ANY niche) has ONE thing in common…

They All Have…

A Huge Email List!

If it hasn’t hit you yet it will soon. 

This was the emerging trend of those succeeding online

The next six months that followed I have to admit were tough.

I studied every list building technique and formula possible.

I began pumping out these techniques to find out that most of these were either too time consuming, too expensive or just flat out didn’t work.

Slowly, I began to filter out the unsuccessful methods, gradually refining the Art of List Building into my OWN profitable system.

And within a short period of time I had broken the 1,000 mark and had captured 1,321 people onto my AWeber Email list.

All of which was practically done on Autopilot..

All of this happened because I found the right formulareplicated a proven strategy and refined it into a system that is now gonna making me $100.00+ pay days on complete autopilot.

Imagine having the same exact proven strategy that I used to rise from the pits of darkness to a bright sky of happiness, in my ability to make streams of job crushing income online.

What would that do for your current situation..

  • Imagine what it would be like to wake up on your time without having to wake up to an annoying alarm clock
  • Picture how it would feel to see money coming into your paypal account.. before you’ve even sat down to breakfast
  • How would it feel to hand your boss that 2 week notice before he can hand it to you.

You could crawl out of bed smiling, knowing that while you were fast asleep counting flying sheep, people from all around the world were buying your products, sending you cash on complete autopilot..

And when you check your account, your smile gets even bigger..

Now imagine this like clockwork, every single day.

Take a second to realize what this would do for your life, knowing..

“This Is Your Ticket Out”

And your ticket into what will be your most profitable year online.

Now back to the promise I made earlier…

In short- It was to help others just like you to succeed online.

Well I always follow through on my promises…

I’m literally going to hand you the exact same strategy I use daily that has proven time and time again to deliver results for not only me but for my customers also.

It Simply Works And…

  • With these strategies you can avoid the years of struggle I had to go through and fast track your results online.
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Posted: August 23, 2013 in Internet Income, SFI


I do trust you had a productive week just gone and are currently taking on the challenges that this week has to offer.

I’d like to say a special welcome to the new members of my team and congratulations to all those who have stepped up to the next level. You can do it!!!

I received some tips from one of my upline which I will share with you. It’s as follows:

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·         With OVER 50000 available products from more than 95 countries, has something for everyone. This makes selling products online both fun and lucrative. And it’s even easier to earn VP with Transfer Buying (buying from the products you already buy elsewhere)!

·         Fast upfront compensation and great long-term residual income potential too!

·         There’s no limit to how much you can earn. Go as wide as you want while also earning deep into your organization via the TripleClicks Executive Pool!

I can’t emphasize the importance to always do the exercises on your TO-DO List daily. Try to reserve a couple minutes out of your day to familiarize yourself with the various menus of the site.

If I may be of assistance, please do not hesitate to make contact with me.

Continue to have a productive week.

Always yours,

Simharana Sharva

Before going to the title, I want you people to read the below mail:
“Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2013 19:13:47 +0530
You were doing your xyzxyzxyz… If so why did you stop and kill your dreams? You can never know when life takes a twist… Hey if possible put up some blog about prevention of suicides i ve been hearing many since the results were out… Just my opinion. And you have really got such good …..”

The above mail is not from a guy who couldn’t do things. He’s considered the most brilliant among his age group boys… He’s a genius in most complicated of subjects – to at-least few of us who are reading this article. He’s done wonders in his middle school & had a grand entry to his high school.

And yet, he’s tensed in his +2 results???

Yes. Results are something more than ample to burgle your fortnight’s sleeps… And much more ample to leave you tensed, homesick & of course highly depressed when they are bad.

The above made him think what I’d have had felt while discontinuing my studies 4 years ago…
And his mail made me think why we generally think to quit?
Of course any new thought I implement immediately, I did a little research and the results I got were too shocking. Statistics show that every five minutes, someone, somewhere in India, attempts suicide. This makes suicide the third major cause of death. Also, annually more than 1,00,000 people commit suicide in India, of which one-thirds are youth. Diverse backgrounds, diverse goals and diverse opinions! But same decision!

Students in India are taking education seriously, but the suicides are alarming – especially for students. The main cause was the pressure to do well in school, and the pressure was not only from parents, but also professors in universities and colleges. Most students commit suicide after failing exams.

I Quit.jpg

When Rancho stated the statistics in a movie “3 Idiots” when Joy Lobo committed a suicide because of project rejection, i made a research if it is true that one India’s students commit suicide every hour, but research shows that it is more than that. There are 5,857 students committed suicide in 2006 and the figure for 2005 was 5,138. Similarly, in 2004, 5,610 students committed suicide in India alone.

Today, the youth in India form one of the most vulnerable groups, who, on the one hand are expected to be the leaders, the backbone of tomorrow’s India, while on the other hand, are a brow-beaten and baffled cluster. There is an imbalance between the youth population and the limited opportunities for admission in schools and colleges, and specifically in professional courses. This puts the youth under great pressure. First class and second class are hardly adequate results anymore. Parents are helpless too, as both public and private institutions have caused economic burden to them. If you think getting admission is the toughest thing that youth can ever experience, rethink! Placements are another hell. You need to get everything right. And even after getting placed, the comparison in relation to the pay received, causes all the more pain. A person with the pleasure of working but with limited salary is certainly not welcome in this society. People have come to a point where they are ready to trade their work pleasure for money. Tough deadlines and hectic work atmosphere have taken the lives of many youth.
Recent studies said that about 40 percent are adolescents. At least 125 people aged 29 years or below are committing suicide every day and most victims are college students or younger. This is alarming news for teachers and parents. Upon learning the educational system of India, the system is based on rote learning and memorization, with a strong emphasis on scoring high marks, which is why most students are handling academic pressures
Friendships and relationships have also played equal parts in this gamble for life. Youth are too sensitive to sort any sort of relationship problem. The problem may be anything; fight with best friends, bitter misunderstanding with girlfriend/ boyfriend followed by an even bitter break-up, family issues with parents fighting over their lives or over financial issues. But the youth are greatly affected. They bundle up all these grievances in their hearts and eventually give their hearts a complete rest so they will never have to face the same, again.
All the above are the general criteria, which, which makes you thinks of suicides, or shall we call it as “quit” from our Responsibilities. But there are issues due to which, your near & dear ones are made to suffer. Your QUITting from your responsibilities make our people think more & more about you. They make your Beloved one’s life as hell & make them run here & there. If they are your OLD PARENTS, their lives would get still more miserable…
I’ve seen my good old Aunt, or she’s even more than a God Mother for me, suffering after her grown up son’s death (he didn’t commit suicide, it was a car accident) for years together.
Here I wish to give another example – Jia Khan, a beautiful & charming young lady in her twenties committed suicide. We do not actually know what happened, but one poor guy is charged for that. He’ll be made run from one place to another for that.

I am blaming all. There are plenty of youth who have followed their heart to be what they wanted to be. But the fact that this suicide virus is taking away the lives of millions of youth is alarming. Something has to be done to cripple it. In battle between the thirst to have their dream life and the urge to fulfill the expectation of the society, many are shattered. While a very few regain their stand, the rest take the ultimate decision of ending their lives.
Even reading these examples, you wish to quit, I can’t help…
But think twice, thrice, ten times or even hundreds, thousands & crores of times, because…
You QUIT, not only from your responsibilities or your tensions, but also this world. Your beloved’s lives would be miserable thinking about you, the moments spent with you & most pricking of all – facing the society & its question: WHY DID HE/SHE DIE?

When you have the guts to face the pain of ending your lives in a single moment, why aren’t you having the same guts for a moment longer to face the battle? If a person is disturbed, all that has to be done is just talk.
Words can do wonders, even help see beyond the mist.

Even the great Indo-Pak issues could be resolved in a single discussion, if it is meant for so…
And you will never know what marvels are awaiting you!
And now here After all these discussion at least I’m giving my end of Marvel for you.
A link which can change your life.

Sign up for SFI on my behalf & enjoy Internet Earnings – ENTIRELY FREE!!!

Simharana Sharva


Unlike my previous blog “Going behind Kshanashah kanashashchaiva”, this, particularly is the media where I am little bit uncomfortable, or rather I could say unagreeable with the “TRADITIONAL” view of point.


Yesterday I met one of my old mentors, who is the HOD (Dept. of PHYSICS) in a reputed institute & also he preparing his research thesis. Casually we were jumping from topic to topic, & at a particular point, I said him I’m into blogging, using it as a platform where, I could share my Ideologies in its full along with addressing it to targeted audience (here it’s you buddy) & also its user friendly. He simply disagreed with me saying blogs are meant for so-called INTELLECTUALS & not for students (his targeted audience are students – particularly high school students interested in physic / general science) & also not as user friendly as it seems.

I tried to explain the fundamentals of blogging (search engine optimization of blogging, even though could not make that up.


Only then I felt the necessity of studying the subject in depth.


After that what I found was actually drastic!!!

Only people who are interested in particular topics or people who could encash their blogs as their ATMs had their own blogs or they were just posting on somebody else’s blogs.

What the main rejection point on blogs are:

1.      Blogs are not easily available on search engine.

2.      Blogs are meant for INTELLECTUALS.

3.      Blogs are not the RIGHT way for INTERNET INCOME.

And so on.

But, in my 4 years of research & after attending seminars on SMM, the first thing I understood was –

·         Blogs are the RIGHT way to EARN ONLINE, suppose, if utilized in the RIGHT MANNER.

·         Blogs give way for RIGHT Targeted Audience, increasing the no. of visitors to your blogs, websites, affiliate p[ages etc,. In other words, blogs one of the most POWERFULL FREE-OF-COST TOOL to ENHANCE your WEBSITE TRAFFIC, which in turn, you may convert them as your permanent paid customers.

·         Blog is one of the premium media where you could  ESTABLISH  your BUSINESS. Moreover it’s a place where you can BRAND YOURSELF along with your PRODUCTS / BUSINESS.

·         It’s just another way to speak to your customers directly. You cannot just load your website with all your fundas, which may overload & also cause in decreasing traffic of your website. Sometimes there are extra’s that need to be said or further, more in-depth information needs to be given. Blogs are a great way to speak to clients and customers and give them information beyond what is posted on your business website.

·         It can always be considered as a parallel/additional support for your business.

·         The last, but, definitely not the least, you can CREATE your OWN GROUP of FOLLOWERS, who are REALLY INTERESTED & have a GREAT POTENTIAL of a PROSPECTIVE CUSTOMER.



In today’s age of technology & social media, no single platform is useless. Even YOUTUBE has its own significance as a powerful search engine tool for videos these days. So never neglect any platform while preparing your social media strategy, whether it’s for an established Business or for Affiliate Marketing purposes. Let me know if you get something really exciting info on the topic.

Research on each platform’s utility for your purposes. Onlky then you could prepare a powerful Social media strategy.

For earning online, as always LOCK YOUR HANDS WITH ME!!!


Happy Earnings!!!

Simharana Sharva

For Best hosting sites I always recomend Hostgator….

Hi everyone!!!


Today, I’m trying to tell you about most important info, which, when we were in high schools learnt by-heart just to pass our exams…

Heard of below saying? I’m sure all the First Lang Sanskrit students have heard this-

Kshanashah kanashashchaiva vidyaamartham cha saadhayet

Kshana tyaage kutoh vidyaa kana tyaage kutah dhanam


It says–“There is no limit to knowledge. If one is willing to further his quest for knowledge, he has to work constantly towards achieving that goal. Every moment lost, is equivalent to vidyaa (knowledge) lost. The message is for a vidyaarthi (one yearning for vidyaa, literally) – he has to strive continuously and have his focus set on achieving more each day, each hour, each moment.

If one is willing to reap more, then he has to value every grain that he has grown. One can’t be negligent and scatter his harvest around. The call here is not to be stingy, but to be mindful of the value of the grain and also the hard work that went into growing it. Only then, can one be prosperous.

Just as every drop of water makes the mighty ocean, every moment of learning adds to one’s knowledge and every ounce of grain assists in making one prosperous.

Hey!!! What are you thinking?

Am I taking Sanskrit Class for you?

No friend, definitely not.

Yesterday night just after my classes, as I was coming back to my home, I just got to see a new glimpse of the above proverb’s meaning. I’m sharing this just for you to know what exactly we could utilize to enhance our earnings!!!

My new philosophy on the above old proverb says – develop a quest of knowledge, learn something new & convert the new thing learnt into your regulated earnings!!!

I mean let us formulate something like:

Kshana *Kana = Vidya+Artha

Let us take over here something like –

Kshana: Time we are wasting

Kana: Resources we are wasting

Vidyaa: The marvelous science (or we can even call this as an art, but we should only get that this is the knowledge) of making our money earn for us.

Artha: Of course, our Money

Some way over here, we could definitely define the good old proverb as:

We have marvelous Knowledge & some marvelous Resources too.

What all we are supposed to do is, utilize our TIME in order to learn gain a wonderful KNOWLEDGE using our RESOURCES to encash them into MONEY.



There is nothing new under the Sun!!!

We need to do it in a different way to enjoy our work, our knowledge & of course, our earnings!!!

So wanna get something more exciting like this?


Then, LOCK YOUR HANDS WITH ME. Let us encash this marvelous knowledge to MONEY OUR POCKETS!!!

Happy Earnings!!!

Simharana Sharva

Hi Friends,

Back for you all.

As I’d said, this series of my blagalogies would be on Internet Income what I wish to tell you & want you people to do is…..

Forget all the bla-blas you’re trying till now.

Just follow what I’m giving.

And do you think I’m gonna give you some pieces of shit collected from net?


Definitely not.

I know you’d have already tried up all the bullshits and ended up saying

 “Internet Income is no my piece of bread

But, I wanna show you actually what is the way to earn during time you are online.

And yes!!! I’m not gonna give you some cut & paste piece of things. I’m gonna give you things, which you’ve tried to do, but probably not in the RIGHT WAY.

Yes. Then what is the ACTUAL RIGHT WAY???

I’ll show you what.

 Be waiting for my next BLAGS!!!

By all means a Happy Internet Earnings!!!


Simharana Sharva


This thing actually CREATE-MAGIC!!!

Get to the below Link to earn when you are online…

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So, you might think, could any sort of this could CREATE-MAGIC??? 

Well this is not entirely free, but.. YOU COULDGET INTO THIS FREELY!!!

And it’s ONLYYOU.

I’m many offers in hand, but why am I doing this? And that too asking you people to do this too…

Only to guide you??

No!! Damn!! How could one do this only to guide others??

Because I’m earning a blast from these, & So, could YOU too.

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