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Posted: August 23, 2013 in Internet Income, Life
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Before going to the title, I want you people to read the below mail:
“Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2013 19:13:47 +0530
From: xyz@gmail.com
To: xyz@outlook.com
You were doing your xyzxyzxyz… If so why did you stop and kill your dreams? You can never know when life takes a twist… Hey if possible put up some blog about prevention of suicides i ve been hearing many since the results were out… Just my opinion. And you have really got such good …..”

The above mail is not from a guy who couldn’t do things. He’s considered the most brilliant among his age group boys… He’s a genius in most complicated of subjects – to at-least few of us who are reading this article. He’s done wonders in his middle school & had a grand entry to his high school.

And yet, he’s tensed in his +2 results???

Yes. Results are something more than ample to burgle your fortnight’s sleeps… And much more ample to leave you tensed, homesick & of course highly depressed when they are bad.

The above made him think what I’d have had felt while discontinuing my studies 4 years ago…
And his mail made me think why we generally think to quit?
Of course any new thought I implement immediately, I did a little research and the results I got were too shocking. Statistics show that every five minutes, someone, somewhere in India, attempts suicide. This makes suicide the third major cause of death. Also, annually more than 1,00,000 people commit suicide in India, of which one-thirds are youth. Diverse backgrounds, diverse goals and diverse opinions! But same decision!

Students in India are taking education seriously, but the suicides are alarming – especially for students. The main cause was the pressure to do well in school, and the pressure was not only from parents, but also professors in universities and colleges. Most students commit suicide after failing exams.

I Quit.jpg

When Rancho stated the statistics in a movie “3 Idiots” when Joy Lobo committed a suicide because of project rejection, i made a research if it is true that one India’s students commit suicide every hour, but research shows that it is more than that. There are 5,857 students committed suicide in 2006 and the figure for 2005 was 5,138. Similarly, in 2004, 5,610 students committed suicide in India alone.

Today, the youth in India form one of the most vulnerable groups, who, on the one hand are expected to be the leaders, the backbone of tomorrow’s India, while on the other hand, are a brow-beaten and baffled cluster. There is an imbalance between the youth population and the limited opportunities for admission in schools and colleges, and specifically in professional courses. This puts the youth under great pressure. First class and second class are hardly adequate results anymore. Parents are helpless too, as both public and private institutions have caused economic burden to them. If you think getting admission is the toughest thing that youth can ever experience, rethink! Placements are another hell. You need to get everything right. And even after getting placed, the comparison in relation to the pay received, causes all the more pain. A person with the pleasure of working but with limited salary is certainly not welcome in this society. People have come to a point where they are ready to trade their work pleasure for money. Tough deadlines and hectic work atmosphere have taken the lives of many youth.
Recent studies said that about 40 percent are adolescents. At least 125 people aged 29 years or below are committing suicide every day and most victims are college students or younger. This is alarming news for teachers and parents. Upon learning the educational system of India, the system is based on rote learning and memorization, with a strong emphasis on scoring high marks, which is why most students are handling academic pressures
Friendships and relationships have also played equal parts in this gamble for life. Youth are too sensitive to sort any sort of relationship problem. The problem may be anything; fight with best friends, bitter misunderstanding with girlfriend/ boyfriend followed by an even bitter break-up, family issues with parents fighting over their lives or over financial issues. But the youth are greatly affected. They bundle up all these grievances in their hearts and eventually give their hearts a complete rest so they will never have to face the same, again.
All the above are the general criteria, which, which makes you thinks of suicides, or shall we call it as “quit” from our Responsibilities. But there are issues due to which, your near & dear ones are made to suffer. Your QUITting from your responsibilities make our people think more & more about you. They make your Beloved one’s life as hell & make them run here & there. If they are your OLD PARENTS, their lives would get still more miserable…
I’ve seen my good old Aunt, or she’s even more than a God Mother for me, suffering after her grown up son’s death (he didn’t commit suicide, it was a car accident) for years together.
Here I wish to give another example – Jia Khan, a beautiful & charming young lady in her twenties committed suicide. We do not actually know what happened, but one poor guy is charged for that. He’ll be made run from one place to another for that.

I am blaming all. There are plenty of youth who have followed their heart to be what they wanted to be. But the fact that this suicide virus is taking away the lives of millions of youth is alarming. Something has to be done to cripple it. In battle between the thirst to have their dream life and the urge to fulfill the expectation of the society, many are shattered. While a very few regain their stand, the rest take the ultimate decision of ending their lives.
Even reading these examples, you wish to quit, I can’t help…
But think twice, thrice, ten times or even hundreds, thousands & crores of times, because…
You QUIT, not only from your responsibilities or your tensions, but also this world. Your beloved’s lives would be miserable thinking about you, the moments spent with you & most pricking of all – facing the society & its question: WHY DID HE/SHE DIE?

When you have the guts to face the pain of ending your lives in a single moment, why aren’t you having the same guts for a moment longer to face the battle? If a person is disturbed, all that has to be done is just talk.
Words can do wonders, even help see beyond the mist.

Even the great Indo-Pak issues could be resolved in a single discussion, if it is meant for so…
And you will never know what marvels are awaiting you!
And now here After all these discussion at least I’m giving my end of Marvel for you.
A link which can change your life.

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Simharana Sharva

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